If you have been paying attention to my blog, you may have noticed that it has been fairly quiet... This is not because I give up on my blog but rather that I have been too busy with other projects.

If you follow me on social media you already know what I have been up to. :-)

However, since you may not yet be in my friends list... here are the updates:

  1. I switched my focus and started helping with Midwest Mild Hyperbarics, LLC full time (no more HTA).
  2. On November 4th I created a new high tech consulting company (Sumin.Systems, LLC) due to all the demand I was seeing with computer services and website services.

I am currently in the process of taking over the hyperbarics business (Midwest Mild Hyperbarics, LLC) and I am also rapidly building out my new high tech consulting business (Sumin.Systems, LLC).

In the meantime, my blog may be a little quiet.

Although my two new ventures may seem totally unrelated, they are in fact serving the same purpose: to help other people. :-)

Mild Hyperbarics has helped so many people put their life back together even after traditional medicine has given up on them and left them for dead. We have helped many people recover and get their lives back on track.

With my consulting business, I am helping businesses and consumers get proper, honest tech service/advice without ripping them off (as I have seen with many other companies).

The stories I hear from small business owners are ridiculous! Some businesses are paying as much as $950 per month for a very basic website to a large firm! If you are paying more than $10 per month for your website, I can help fix that problem for you.

Anyways, I hope you understand my situation.

I didn't forget about you or this website. I will post more great content as my schedule clears up. :-)

Hope you have an amazing day!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"
Honestly, I am quite surprised at how many responses I received to my August 2015 survey! In fact, the last one came in just a few hours ago... (much appreciated). :-)

Going through the responses, I have noticed a trend: you want to learn how to build a list!

This is something that is very simple. This is probably the first thing my mentor taught me how to do when I was getting started about three years ago...

In order to build a list, you first need to have an autoresponder that will capture and store the emails (and any other data points) of your list. This is the very first tool you should acquire as an internet marketer.

The second component is a landing page (also known as a "squeeze page" or "lead page"). This is where the traffic gets converted into leads. This page can be as simple as a headline and an opt-in box or it can be a more elaborate page with content. However, in either case, the most important component is the opt-in box where the visitor can submit their data and be added to your list (this has to be placed near the top of the page where the visitor can see it).

The third and final component is of course traffic (visitors to your page). This can come from something as simple as a Facebook post to a Google Adwords campaign.

So to answer the initial question... the three things you need to build a list are:

1). An Autoresponder
2). A Landing Page
3). Traffic

Personally, I have been using GetResponse as my autoresponder for the past three years and it has severed me well. There are also other options out there (such as Aweber) however I have found that GetResponse is the simplest to use (especially if you are new to online marketing and building a list).

One cool thing about GetResponse is that it comes with a built-in landing page creator and you do not need to find another solution (unless you want to of course).

No matter how you go about it, the best thing to do is to get started. :-) 

If you have any additional questions or would like some more specific topics addressed, feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can...

Have an amazing day!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

I am in the middle of creating the tutorials that I promised a little bit ago. :-)

(First one is uploaded).

I will be releasing them over the next week or so.

Watch your email so you do not miss out on any updates.
Hope you have an awesome day!

- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

P.S. You can watch the first tutorial now...

During my last family trip around my local state I was reminded of something profound... you do not have to go far to see see something great!

We always talk about "going somewhere" however often times we do not realize what beautiful places are next door from us. :-)

The same goes in business, we always look outside ourselves and think, "Wouldn't that be nice?" However we often overlook the greatness that is within us and all around us...

I would like this to be a simple reminder for you that no matter who you are or where you are at in your business, there is greatness within you.

Sometimes you just need to stop and have a look around to notice it. :-)

Stay awesome my friend!

- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"
I will be the first to admit that I am human...

Over the past few months I had some grand plans to release some trainings however, I discovered that I am overbooked on my time. :-)

I will still produce and publish the promised trainings however it may take me a little longer than I initially anticipated.

Here is what is going on in the meantime:

1). I am working on running a new campaign with Project Breakthrough (which is probably the best marketing funnel at the moment).

2). Working with a new tool in the background (I will reveal this to you later on) to learn the ins and outs of this solution to be able to bring it to you, my friends and followers.

3). Educating myself by going through the new PPC Mastery course in High Traffic Academy in order to provide you with the most value.

Again, I appreciate your patience and I hope to serve you well. :-)

- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"
First, I would like to thank you for your contribution. :-)

I had an overwhelming number of responses and from what I see, I have followers at all stages of their marketing career. 

So here is what I will do...

I will address all of the topics that I was bringing up in my survey. This way, I will be able to help everyone who comes to my blog.

I am going to roll this out in stages starting with the first component every marketer should know about, the autoresponder. Then, I will go over capture pages (aka "landing page" or "squeeze page") and how this all ties into building a list.

For those who are more advanced, I will show you how to build a mini-funnel so that you can market any product.

Look for my first post on this in the next two weeks. I will build the following presentation based on your feedback.

Hoping to serve you and help you overcome
"that one thing" that may be holding you back from success. :-)

Stay awesome!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

P.S. For those of you looking for private coaching, I am still trying to work this out as I am currently over committed with my obligations. Keep watching your email for an update. (Not on my list? No problem! Opt-in on the right side of the page to get my updates). :-)

    Over the years I have learned a lot in the field of online marketing. Today I have decided to give back to the community. Please fill out this survey to help me decide what to do...

As always, your help is greatly appreciated. :-)
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

In the crazy world of internet marketing, scarcity is often abused.

I mean really, what limit is there on the number of copies of a digital download you can provide?
(virtually none). ;-)

I have seen a lot of marketers abusing this strategy and not giving valid reasons for the scarcity.

The best way to treat your customers is with honesty and integrity. Do not create fake scarcity if it is not actually there.

There is however true scarcity even in the world of digital info products...

Like for example if you are doing personal coaching, there is only so many clients you can take on before you overextend yourself... Or if there is a live event (like the one my mentor is doing on August 4th), there is an actual time scarcity and server capacity for how many people can attend.

My marketing tip for the day: don't use fake scarcity as people can spot a "phony" a mile away. And even if they fall for it, it will leave a bad taste in their mouth and you will not keep them as a customer. 

Hope this all makes sense. :-)

Have an awesome day!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

P.S. Poor grammar in the title was totally on purpose. ;-) 

They say, "Aim for the moon, this way if you miss at least you will be among the stars".

This is one quality that all successful people share... They create ridiculous goals for themselves to stay motivated.

One way you can start doing this is with a free app from Realtor.com (or the actual website).

You can look up any house that is on the market. So choose your dream home from the available listings and set your sights on it.

Do some mental exercise as well... Figure out how much the payments are going to be (or how much you need to flat out buy it) and start thinking of ways you can actually achieve that kind of income. :-)

If you do not have any ideas, may I suggest you register for my mentor's webinar that is coming up this August 4th where he will present a plan of how you can make over $10,000.00 per month online (without a list or any experience).

Click Here to register if you want.

Again this is totally free and you don't have to come... However if you do come, you will walk away with a blueprint for your success.

Have an awesome day my friend!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

P.S. This is the house I was talking about in the video: 217 N Fairway Cir.

Do you ever get those days where you know you should be doing something but you just don't know what?

Welcome to the club. :-)

Believe it or not, even the most successful people have those days.

The difference between those who are successful (and those that are not) is they know how to find inspiration when they have none.

One thing I like to do is visit the largest free video library on the internet (aka YouTube) and view a video from one of the people I follow.

This list includes Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Les Brown. (These are just a few of my mentors).

Here is a great video to get you thinking:

Although I have watched this video many times (and taken notes) I still find the information relevant and refreshing.

Maybe this will get your "creative juices" flowing and get you the inspiration you were looking for.

Hope you have an awesome day!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"