In the crazy world of internet marketing, scarcity is often abused.

I mean really, what limit is there on the number of copies of a digital download you can provide?
(virtually none). ;-)

I have seen a lot of marketers abusing this strategy and not giving valid reasons for the scarcity.

The best way to treat your customers is with honesty and integrity. Do not create fake scarcity if it is not actually there.

There is however true scarcity even in the world of digital info products...

Like for example if you are doing personal coaching, there is only so many clients you can take on before you overextend yourself... Or if there is a live event (like the one my mentor is doing on August 4th), there is an actual time scarcity and server capacity for how many people can attend.

My marketing tip for the day: don't use fake scarcity as people can spot a "phony" a mile away. And even if they fall for it, it will leave a bad taste in their mouth and you will not keep them as a customer. 

Hope this all makes sense. :-)

Have an awesome day!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

P.S. Poor grammar in the title was totally on purpose. ;-) 

They say, "Aim for the moon, this way if you miss at least you will be among the stars".

This is one quality that all successful people share... They create ridiculous goals for themselves to stay motivated.

One way you can start doing this is with a free app from (or the actual website).

You can look up any house that is on the market. So choose your dream home from the available listings and set your sights on it.

Do some mental exercise as well... Figure out how much the payments are going to be (or how much you need to flat out buy it) and start thinking of ways you can actually achieve that kind of income. :-)

If you do not have any ideas, may I suggest you register for my mentor's webinar that is coming up this August 4th where he will present a plan of how you can make over $10,000.00 per month online (without a list or any experience).

Click Here to register if you want.

Again this is totally free and you don't have to come... However if you do come, you will walk away with a blueprint for your success.

Have an awesome day my friend!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

P.S. This is the house I was talking about in the video: 217 N Fairway Cir.

Do you ever get those days where you know you should be doing something but you just don't know what?

Welcome to the club. :-)

Believe it or not, even the most successful people have those days.

The difference between those who are successful (and those that are not) is they know how to find inspiration when they have none.

One thing I like to do is visit the largest free video library on the internet (aka YouTube) and view a video from one of the people I follow.

This list includes Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Les Brown. (These are just a few of my mentors).

Here is a great video to get you thinking:

Although I have watched this video many times (and taken notes) I still find the information relevant and refreshing.

Maybe this will get your "creative juices" flowing and get you the inspiration you were looking for.

Hope you have an awesome day!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

Dr. David Thornton is someone who had to learn a new career from scratch.

Due to his medical condition he had to quit his job as a doctor and learn how to build a successful home business.

He shares some tips that will help you if you are just starting out (or if you have had little success with what you are doing).

Hope you catch all the golden nuggets as there are many presented here. :-)

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts. I appreciate it!

Have an awesome day!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

I love listening to Tony Robbins. :-)

He can really raise your energy level no matter where you are starting!

In this particular video, Tony describes the three mandates of leadership that will make you great:

1. See it as it is, but not worse than it is.

2. See it better than it is.

3. Make it the way you see it.

Sticking to this mindset will help you take the right actions when everyone else is standing still.

This is what sets apart the ordinary and the extraordinary leaders.

Hope you enjoy the video. :-)

Have an awesome day!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

The shortest path to success is through a mentor.

This has been unanimously confirmed by all the guests I have had so far on the show.

Jayson Benoit is no exception...

He is someone who is known as "The Godfather of Solo Ads" and has been marketing online since the early 1990's (when the internet was just becoming "the internet").

His top recommendation for someone just starting out (or someone who has been trying without results) is to get one mentor and do what they say.

There are two ways to learn this stuff, try and fail or pay someone to teach you how it's done.

Most people opt-in for the first option and end up struggling (and quitting eventually).

As one of my followers, I hope you take this
advice and achieve your desired success the faster way. :-)

At any rate, enjoy the video!

Hope you have an amazing day!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

P.S. Learn more about Jayson and his awesome creations on his personal blog. Click Here

Had a nice interview today with Alex Zubarev.

This is someone who made a decision to
become great and stuck to it through the hardships.

Now he has one of the largest teams in the company that he is promoting and Alex is also earned his million dollar ring this year.

This is how simple success can be. It all starts
with your decision.

(No one said it is easy through.)

One thing you have to understand is that your decision to become great does not only impact
you but also many other people (as with Alex's case).

If he would have given up when the going got tough, he would not have created so many success stories. There would be many people
still stuck in their jobs, not having the freedom
they deserve.

Check out the video for some of Alex's "no nonsense" tips on how to become a great

Leave a comment below if you like this video. :-)

Hope you have an awesome day!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

P.S. Learn more about Alex: Click Here

P.P.S. Due to a tech issue, I had to replace
Alex's video feed with an image (my fault).

Will do better next time. :-)

Lino Curci was struggling to make an income online...

His family did not believe he could do it.

They told him to give up this nonsense and
get a real job! lol

Does this sound familiar?

Well, guess what! He did not give up even
in the midst of no results and total despair.

Then he found a mentor and his breakthrough
happened. He has never looked back since. :-)

Lino shares some important tips on how you can achieve your success quicker and how to avoid some of the pitfalls most newbies make.

Enjoy the video. :-)

Stay awesome!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

P.S. Learn more about Lino and his projects on his personal blog. Click Here