In the crazy world of internet marketing, scarcity is often abused.

I mean really, what limit is there on the number of copies of a digital download you can provide?
(virtually none). ;-)

I have seen a lot of marketers abusing this strategy and not giving valid reasons for the scarcity.

The best way to treat your customers is with honesty and integrity. Do not create fake scarcity if it is not actually there.

There is however true scarcity even in the world of digital info products...

Like for example if you are doing personal coaching, there is only so many clients you can take on before you overextend yourself... Or if there is a live event (like the one my mentor is doing on August 4th), there is an actual time scarcity and server capacity for how many people can attend.

My marketing tip for the day: don't use fake scarcity as people can spot a "phony" a mile away. And even if they fall for it, it will leave a bad taste in their mouth and you will not keep them as a customer. 

Hope this all makes sense. :-)

Have an awesome day!
- Ivan Sumin
"The Solutions Guy"

P.S. Poor grammar in the title was totally on purpose. ;-) 


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